KoniHorse Intestine is a dietary complementary feed for horses to stabilize the physiological digestion.


Herbs (ground), green flour (spruce needle powder), carob meal, sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride, liquorice root (ground), yeast, magnesium oxide, maltodextrin, sunflower oil (refined), wheat (ground)

Indication / Impact

  • In digestive disorders, especially in change of feed or administration of medication
  • In stressful situations
  • Live yeasts promote digestion as well as healthy microbiota for better nutrient absorption digestive disorders, stabilization of the pH value
  • B vitamins as well as magnesium are helpful in stressful situations
  • Provides valuable vitamins for digestive disorders, electrolytes and highly available trace elements
  • With precious herbs that stimulate the digestive tract provide additional calming and antispasmodic support

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