Solutions for pigs.

In modern swine practice, you will be faced with a variety of challenges. You can use our special products quickly and easily to avert them.

Koni Calm Plus

Koni Calm Plus is a dietary supplement for pigs to reduce stress reactions.

Koni WIK Powder

Koni WIK Powder is a flavoured appetizing supplement for calves, bulls, pigs and poultry.


KoniKickStart is a liquid supplement for piglets.

KoniMycoCrack Plus

KoniMycoCrack Plus is a mineral feed for pigs and poultry.

KoniSan Doser

KoniSan Doser is a liquid dietary supplement for piglets for the stabilisation of water and electrolyte balance to support the physiological digestion.


Konivet-Extra is a supplement for pigs and cattle for additional, short-term vitamin and trace element supply.


Koni-B-Lyt is a supplement for pigs and cattle for additional electrolyte supply.

Koni Mobil

Koni Mobil is a supplement for sows.

SOS Tabs

SOS Tabs is a supplement to support the fertility for sows and boars.

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